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The Pros and Cons of Concrete Driveways

Posted on by Andrew

If you’re planning on remodelling your driveway or simply installing a brand new one, then why not consider concrete as an option? Concrete driveways have remained a popular choice for many homes and there are numerous benefits that they bring with them.

This month, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of concrete driveways to help you decide whether a concrete driveway is the way forward for you and your property.

The pros of concrete driveways

An improved lifespan for your driveway is one of the main benefits of concrete driveways. You could see your concrete driveway last for almost 40 years if you take the proper steps to maintain and care for it – as concrete has a far greater lifespan than some other materials. This is due to the strong, durable nature of concrete, providing a solid and sound surface when laid correctly.

The main concern for many people, however, is cost. But concrete is an affordable and cost-effective option for your driveway since it will last longer and therefore won’t need replacing. While the initial outlay may cost a little more, a well-maintained concrete driveway should need little work over its lifespan, saving you from relaying or changing your drive any time soon.

This leads nicely onto the fact that concrete driveways are low-maintenance. Because concrete is such a reliable and sturdy option, you won’t need to constantly dig up portions or fill them in. If laid properly – and with some basic care – you won’t need to do a great deal to maintain it.

Polishes, colours and different chemical stains mean that a concrete driveway also provides you with an element of adaptability when it comes to the aesthetics. It doesn’t have to be a plain grey slab – you can tailor your drive to suit your property.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, concrete driveways are better for the environment than some other materials. This is because concrete uses water and limestone; these two key ingredients are simply mixed to make the concrete you’ll use as your driveway, reducing your impact on the environment. Again, it won’t need to be repaved as often as other materials, which also means less transport delivering materials to your property, reducing emissions.

The cons of concrete driveways

Often the cost of concrete driveways gets listed as a con, but as we’ve discussed above, the longevity and low-maintenance of concrete more than outweigh the initial outlay you’ll spend.

One element to consider with a concrete driveway is how long installation can take. Depending on weather conditions and the mix, the curing time for concrete can be longer than other materials. However, with proper planning and an expert team creating your concrete mix, this shouldn’t be a reason not to opt for a concrete driveway.

At Axtell Mixtrucks, we have decades of experience in mixing and delivering concrete to your exact specifications. We operate across Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex to ensure you get the right concrete for the job at hand. To discuss concrete driveways and the benefits of concrete, contact our team today and we’ll be happy to assist you using our professional knowledge and industry expertise.

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